b. 1986, HK.


Hi! I am Kokila... 


What kind of a photographer am I? 

People often ask that question and I have a hard time answering it because I enjoy photographing a variety of things.

However, I will admit that capturing people and their emotions is what comes naturally to me. Be it street photography or planned shoots, I love to tell your story through my camera. 

What do I photograph with? 

I carry a Canon 6D camera body, two prime lenses, one zoom lens, an external flash, a tripod and a diffuser in my kit. Natural light is my best friend and I love shooting on location rather than in the confines of a studio.

Instead of making you pose for eternity, I usually  pick up a conversation with you that is appropriate to create the mood for the shoot and I click away as we chat :). 

Why should you hire me?

You should hire me because I am good at what I do! Photography is a passion and less of a profession for me. I promise you, we will have fun together taking pictures. So, just holler if you need me...